Defending Your Project Work

How to Choose Your Project Topic
December 16, 2017

Defending Your Project Work

The project is mainly divided into five chapters which are; the introduction, the literature review, the research methodology, the presentation of data and conclusion. Each chapter has various subsections that further splits your research work. When students gets their research material and scan at the pages, they get confused at the subsections and the number of pages. At this stage, they fail to recognize the appropriate steps they need to follow to effectively assimiliate each subsection. Example; in the chapter one which is introduction of your research work, the first subsection is background of the study. This subsection vividly explains the background of your research work and it is not meant to be too long, it should be precise and straight to the point so you can get the attention of your audience. At this subsection, unnecessary details are not needed.

It is very important a student understand each subsection of his or her project work. when presenting your material to your supervisor, he might request you send it according to chapters, chapter 1-3 or the entire chapter. When your supervisor makes corrections, he focuses his attention on the subsections. He makes sure that you provide information of exactly each subsection requires. so bear in mind to read each subsection of your project carefully and understand the main point. This is where your research starts! The research material given to you is to get you started! Some lazy students will copy exactly the way the material is and submit to their supervisors without doing further research. Every material is open to research. you have the internet, smart phones and your laptop and for the love of God you are carrying out a research. It is expected of you to actively participate in your research, carry out more research in each subsections, add more details to your material inclusive of recent information. By so doing, you flow with the rhythm of your research material and quickly understand its contents.

When your supervisor gives you corrections and requires you provide the information he wants, by carrying out this corrections you even learn more. Most students when given corrections, they never attempt to try! They come back to us or whoever they bought their materials from. The hard working students get to work and try to correct their work and in most cases whereby they can’t deal with some corrections, they come to us and we gladly assist them. I used the word “gladly assist” because we know the lazy and hard working students! when we assist the hard working students, we do it with joy because we know they have tried and put in their effort. It makes the work more easier for us and it benefits the hardworking student because by strenuously carrying out this corrections, he/she gets to understand his research work more and more. For the lazy students, when they come to us we assist them likewise because its our desire your entire project gets approved but we advise them to put in more efforts and try to outline the advantages to them. Although, many students give reasons why they can’t do the corrections themselves at that time

Months passes by and finally your chapter one to five gets approved. you arrange your preliminary pages, print out your work, bind and and wait for the day of defense. Many students ask, how is the best way to defend your work? The truth is that there is no specific formula of how to defend your work. Project defense varies according to schools. In some schools, you defend in front of one person, while some you defend in front of three or more persons. Whatever situation you find yourself, bear in mind you are giving within 2-3 minutes to defend your work and after that, questions will be thrown to you. So, your defense is graded according to your dressing, how you present your work and how you answer questions. The external supervisors has their percentage of scores while your supervisor has his or her own percentage of scores. This makes up 100% and determines if you score an A, B or C.

When you get to this stage don’t be scared, be bold. Cut your hair low if you are a guy and arrange your hair properly if you are a girl, give a dry cleaner your suits to professionally make it superb. Eat light food for breakfast, don’t get intoxicated with alcohol or drugs to boost your performance and don’t wear strong cologne to smell nice, it might disrupt your external supervisor rather, wear a light cologne. Your project work has an abstract, an abstract summarizes your project work. Remember you have three minutes to introduce yourself and defend your project work. Memorize your abstract and add important details from your project work. When speaking, speak loud and look directly into the eyes of your external supervisor. Listen carefully to whatever questions that are thrown to you and answer smartly. At some point you might be asked to prove your theories with facts! Don’t engage in any unnecessary argument with your external supervisor, prove your statements smartly and always smile. Some supervisors might intentionally want to test your temper. Be smart, bold and happy! Trust me if you follow all these tips and apply them effectively, your success is assured!

Lastly, this is a very important information i must let the Nigerian research student understand. Nothing goes for nothing! Some but not all supervisors, after all this rigorous exercise will expect you to “pay homage” to them so they can give you that “priceless A” you earnestly seek for. If you unfortunately fall into the hands of this category of supervisors, relax! Don’t complain or try to report anyone to the school authority. By so doing, you are causing problems to yourself. Remember, i stated earlier be smart! If after you have done all the right things you ought to do and you find out your supervisor expects you to pay homage, gladly do that and get your score. You must understand every sector has a system! Don’t try to change the system, because that’s not your interest at this stage. Your goal is to succeed in your project and get an A. I can remember during my time, before i submitted my chapter one, i tried to pay homage to my supervisor. He told me “i should work and do the appropriate things i need to do” I understood him perfectly! I worked hard to get my chapters approved and worked hard to impress my external supervisors at my defense. After the work, i went to pay homage and he accepted and blessed me. All the same, i wish you success!!!

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