How to Choose Your Project Topic

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December 16, 2017
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December 26, 2017

How to Choose Your Project Topic

The excitement of getting into the final stage of your academic year is all over you; families, friends and loved ones are all proud of you and most especially, you are proud of yourself because when you look back and reflect from the day you gained admission into the university; most of your friends dropped out, some died, etc. But as the saying goes, greater heights comes with greater responsibilities! You begin to see the reality of being a final year student as the semester rolls on, gradually the new found excitement begins to dwindle….

Being a final year student isn’t a child’s play, you must be equipped and be ready for the greater tasks ahead but you don’t have to worry, that’s why we are here. Toneec Project exists so we can help the final year student excel through the hurdles of being a graduate. Step by Step, we will take you to the promised land but you must be patient, have an open mind and be ready to learn. Among all the courses you shall be taking in the final year, the research project has the highest credit unit. Scoring an A in your project can ultimately boost your grade point and to achieve this feat, it all starts from choosing your project topic.

Gone are the days when your supervisor asks you to bring a project topic and you do and he approves! Things no longer work that way anymore in Nigeria. When we are required to choose a topic, we are supposed to choose a topic that interests us because by so doing, you would be able to carry out that project with gladness and defend it easily because its a research work that fascinates you. These days, you choose a project topic and two things are involved; either the topic is rejected or the supervisor edits the topic to an entirely new one that might not be of interest to you and you think your supervisor cares about your feelings? NAAA! Get the job done and get ready for your defense! Anything different from that, you are inviting a wrath that might prevent you from not graduating with your mates.

Don’t be scared! This is the reality of the Nigerian educational system but i really don’t blame these supervisors. Put your leg in their shoes and feel where it hurts. Students these days are lazy to do research! A student gets a material and presents it to his/her supervisor exactly the way it is, without carrying out research and adding new information to the material. Supervisors assume that students who presents a topic has the material already so they either do three things; reject the topic, edit the topic or accept the topic and give you strenuous corrections that will entirely change the contents of your existing material.

Here at Toneec Project, we are here to help you. Its not about giving you a material and collecting your money and that’s the end. No! We don’t work that way!! We are your guardian angel, through your joy and pain, we are there for you to make sure you carry out your research work and defend successfully. Now the big question, how do i choose a project topic? unfortunately, we only offer topics for management sciences! If you are tasked to choose a topic, just click on your department listed in this website and select any topic of your choice. If you are not comfortable with any of them, just call us on phone or send us an email then we shall send you topics your supervisor will approve.

You might be wondering why are we so confident your supervisor will approve our topics? Simple! Our topics are new and fresh!! So your supervisor has no choice but to approve. Now be happy, smile and be hopeful because with Toneec Project, you are a winner!!!



  1. mkbaba says:

    nice one, better for graduating student to equip their mind in doing things independently than already made hand be of assistant to them making you to know the task ahead, defend after evaluation nd conclusion also more insight on project issue, topics nd right up’s kudos brother nice one………..tonero

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