What is a research project?

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October 17, 2017

What is a research project?

As a fresher in the university, the first time I heard about project I was like “What is project”? Final year students in my lodge then who were my friends will tell me their supervisor has approved their project topics and they are confused of where to start or how to get materials.

The free dictionary defines research project as research into questions posed by scientific theories and hypotheses. It goes on to define research as a systematic investigation to establish facts. Another source defines research project as a scientific endeavor to answer a research question. Research projects may include; case series, case control study, cohort study, randomized controlled trial, survey, secondary data, etc.

All definitions cited above are correct but to break it down for people who really don’t understand what a research project is, it simply means a research a student must carry out before he or she is awarded a degree in the department concerned. The student might be a final year student in the university, polytechnic or college of education. Research doesn’t stop at the undergraduate level but continues all the way to the post-graduate level. For a student to be awarded a masters degree, he/she must carry out a research known as “thesis” and to be awarded a doctorate degree (PhD), he/she must carry out a research known as “Dissertation”.

So you see research is very important in the academic world. The sole purpose of research is to find out solutions to problems and offer recommendations. Research never ends! Each day comes with its own problems and the only way to solve problems is to carry out a research on that problem to seek solutions.

Let me use the current recession in Nigeria as an example which is a major problem. So a student might be obligated to carry out a research on the effect of recession on the Nigerian economy. The purpose of the research is so the student can provide recommendations on how he/she believes recession can be curbed away from Nigeria. Using another example, a student can be required to carry out a research on Biafra agitation by IPOB: Its implications on the south-eastern people of Nigeria. These are recent issues trust me and students in economics, political science, etc both in undergraduate and post-graduate level have started carrying out research on them.

A research project is generally made up of five chapters which are: introduction, literature review, research methodology, data presentation and conclusion. We shall discuss this later in a future article.

Now you know what a research project is and here at Toneec Project, we help students carry out their research by providing materials and topics. We just don’t stop at that; we also help you in corrections given by your supervisor till all your chapters are approved. It’s all about your success!

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